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Session details

In this session you will learn how Nerdio has helped thousands of Managed Service Providers around the world build a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure and how they are the definitive Azure solution for Windows Virtual Desktop.

You will learn how to easily Deploy, Price, Manage, and Optimize a WVD environment with Nerdio’s easy to use product Nerdio for Azure.

Nerdio was born as a SaaS company four years ago after a large MSP in the US, Adar, realized that they could package up their automation technology and sell it to other MSPs looking to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure. Since that time, Nerdio has helped MSPs do thousands of Azure deployments and has deep expertise in the space. Come hear from Joseph Landes—a 23-year Microsoft veteran—and the Chief Revenue Officer of Nerdio how they can help you too on your journey to the cloud with WVD and Azure.


Joseph is a 23-year Microsoft veteran and Chief Revenue Officer of Nerdio